Bonobo Radical Collective

Bonobo is a Copenhagen based collective working with technology and social change.
We are dedicated to making the world more inclusive and just for all.

We are a network of people with education and skills in fields such as tech, programming, digital communication and academia. But what ties us together is our dedication to activism and organising for change and our queer-feminist perspective. We are long time activists, organisers, speakers and trainers. We aim to combine our knowledge of modern technology and communication with our dedication to social change and equality to bring about mindshifts in people, groups and organisations.

We offer tech solutions, trainings, audits, workshops and organising. We bring in people from our network based on the nature of the projects and the specific challenges and context that your organisation deals with.


Bonobo Radical Collective
Worsaaesvej 15B, kld.,
1972 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Tel.: (+45) 53690717