Bonobo Radical Collective

Digital Activism Presentation & Workshop

60 minutes / 120 minutes
Rec. Participants:
30 to 50 persons
DKK 5.000 / DKK 8.000

In spring 2018 we did a tour around Denmark with a presentation and workshop teaching methods to counter online violence against women and minorities. Our techniques are useful against any type of malicious behavior on user-driven online platforms such as social media sites Facebook and Twitter regardless of gender or marginalisation status of targets.

This product contains a 1-hour presentation of what types of online attacks, abusive behaviour and attempts at deplatforming are most commonly experienced by women and other marginalised and methods for countering them. In our research we have focused on groups such as religious minorities, sexual minorities, gender-nonconforming individuals and racialised individuals / global majority. We also make heavy use of Amnesty International's recent research on online violence against women which focuses on public figures and influencers.

An optional workshop, challenging participants to go and analyze examples of this behaviour with their newly gained knowledge and possibly start real digital organising against it can be added at the end of the presentation, extending the workshop with another hour for those who are interested in and intensive dive into the subject matter.
We recommend this add-on for those who are interested in sparking activism among participants and expect participants to invest personal energy in the workshop rather than just coming to sit and listen. This is also a very gainful workshop for those who already have some sort of established activist organisational framework such as activist NGO's and political pressure groups.

Below is a series of photos from already held workshops and a random selection of slides to give an impression of this workshop. Get in contact with us at or