Bonobo Radical Collective

Our past and current projects

DIY workshops DO:TOPIA

DO:TOPIA is a project aiming to empower women and minorities in IT by hosting open workshops with these groups' needs in focus.

Media & resource site

Killjoy is a small site with user-driven blogs and occasional niche news coverage. Bonobo Radical Collective is part of the editorial staff and cover running costs for the site.

Slutwalk Copenhagen 2016

In 2016 we took part in organizing a the reboot of an international protesting tradition against rape culture and slutshaming in Copenhagen. Slutwalk had previously been held in 2011.

We Can Edit in 2015

We were involved in organising the Wikipedia edit-a-thon We Can Edit in 2015 focusing on the Wikipedia gender gap in both content and editing.


We help out with updates and repairs on the film festivals wordpress platform and cooperate through our other projects.